The Midrange Drivers for our TIARA 2.0 Loudspeakers

We have chosen VOLT midrange drivers for our TIARA 2.0 SERIES LOUDSPEAKERS. Since 1979, Volt Loudspeakers have built an unparalleled international reputation for professionalism and excellence in the best traditions of the world famous British audio industry. Their speakers and inductors are all handmade. Precision manufactured to the highest standards, all Volt drivers have been designed and engineered using leading technologies and materials. The result is superior sound performance and high reliability. Following initial and in-depth research and design, Volt products are handmade in their workshop. This meticulous approach is core to ensuring the quality that has defined Volt's high reputation for generations. Volt engineered and patented Radial Technology for unparalleled cooling resulting in minimal power compression and maximum reliability. The speakers exhibit balanced design where clarity and low colouration are not compromised for efficiency or power handling. Whilst conventional loudspeakers may seem to have a similar specification, their performance will deteriorate after a short time due to excessive heating of the voice coil compared to the cooler operation offered by Radial Technology.

Specifications of the VOLT Midrange drivers in our TIARA 2.0 Series Loudspeakers

  • Nominal Diameter (mm): 200
  • Power Capacity (Watt AES): 100
  • Sensitivity (dB/watt/m): 94
  • Frequency Range (Hz): 500-4000
  • Impedance (Ohms): 8
  • BL Factor: 9.3
  • Voice Coil Diameter (mm): 75
  • Voice Coil Material: Copper
  • Maximum Excursion (mm): 4 (before damage)
  • Magnet Assembly Weight (Kg): 8
  • Effective Moving Mass (Kg): 0.004
  • Compliance (M/N): 0.0004
  • Volume Displaced (litres): 1
  • Connection: 6.4mm solder terminals
  • Chassis: Diecast Aluminium

Frequency response of the VOLT Midrange drivers in our TIARA 2.0 Series Loudspeakers

Frequency response tolerance: +/- 3dB (throughout the usable range of 500 - 4000Hz)

Thiele-Small Parameters

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