We are proud of our team of finest German and Italian engineers, technicians and master craftsmen, who are not only responsible for bringing all components together. They also have to be extremely innovative, to develop and produce metal parts for fixing the electronics into the wooden cabinets, and also developing and building the feet of the loudspeakers, to reduce vibration to almost zero. All of that done by implementing the procedures of automotive grade quality control. Their experience in equipping Italian hundred-million-dollar yachts qualified them, to assemble our loudspeakers to high-end masterpieces, which brings incomparable good sound experiences to our customers, and will also delight your eyes. For more click HERE


It is like in the Formula 1: engineers and technicians have created a world class race car. And now it needs world class drivers, to test it, reporting to the engineers, and by that tickle out the last percentages to make it ready to win championships. Same applies to tune a speaker to perfection. Our "drivers" are audiophile experts with over 35 years of experience and boundless audiophile passion. They do the fine-tuning, considering all types of music. Be it classical, jazz and vocal, and they are testing and calibrating every inch of the inductor-coil, plus and minus, to find the best bass performance. This can take a very long time, but we will never cease to take this time. The result will be nothing less than a perfect performance.

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